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Different Types of Snow Blowers & How to Choose the Right One

Different Types of Snow Blowers & How to Choose the Right One

Different Types of Snow Blowers and How to Choose the Right One

It’s about time to stop shoveling snow and to get something to help you out. You decided to get a snow blower for your home so you can save time, but you just found out that there’s more than one of them. How do you pick one?

We got your back here. We’ll go over the main types of snow blowers and explain the differences. That way you’ll get the snow blower that suits your needs instead of spending extra money on a model that just isn’t worth it.


These are smaller and much easier to handle than their brothers. They work through an auger that takes the snow and redirects it to the discharge chute where it’s thrown out of the way. Due to the shape of the auger, this model works better for smooth paved surfaces, away from gravel or rocks that will harm the machine. Due to their size, they’re best for snowfalls of no more than 8 inches in mid-size areas.


They also have two subtypes, which we’ll go over.


Because they’re not connected to any power cords, they’re very easy to move around. Gas blowers usually have better intake heights and clearing widths in comparison to their electric counterparts.


You really don’t need to worry about maintenance with them, as you usually just press a button and start working. Overall they’re usually the most compact and lightest version, although they do require the extension cord. You might have issues with the cord as it needs to remain usable during the cold, so be sure to check it out. Cordless models also exist, which can help if you have issues with your power cord


These snow blowers are only found as gas models can handle snow in excess of 8 inches. They’re best for larger areas and can better handle uneven terrain. As the name implies, this model works through a two-stage process in which an auger collects snow which is then discharged by an impeller fan. They’re a lot quicker than single-stage blowers, and there’s a wide variety of features to find.


Again, these ones are specifically gas models. They can handle much more snow in less time and are quite similar to two-stage models. Their main difference is that they have an accelerator, which is much faster than the augers and allows you to clear more snow in less time. These ones are made for huge jobs, so the extra power is not always necessary for an average doorway.