Ploughshare Brewing Co. offers a rotation of our hand-crafted beer on 12 taps. We have seven year-round brews and four special seasonal beers released quarterly.  Every week we showcase a cask of specially-conditioned Ploughshare beer, usually with an unusual spicing or hop addition.  Every once in a while we will release a hand-bottled super premium brew from our Boiler Room series. In addition to our own beer, we will always highlight some of our personal favorites from our friends in other breweries.

We keep 10 or 11 beers on tap at all times, plus draught wine. Check the chalkboards when you arrive to see what's on for the day.

Ploughshare Craft Beer Regular Lineup

Farm Boy  -  Cream Ale   

Strength: 4.8% abv.   Color: 4ºL (gold).   Bitterness: 16 IBUs

When the day’s work is done, it’s time to pull up the reins and ask for a cold glass of easy-drinking “Farm Boy” cream ale. Ours is a smooth session ale, lightly hopped and cold conditioned for an ultra smooth taste you “don’t have to think about.” Farm Boy is a starting point for those just beginning their exploration of craft beer and for anyone else interested in a crisp, light-bodied, highly refreshing beer.


Tailgate Red  -  Irish Red Ale    

Strength: 5.2% abv.   Color: 17ºL (ruby brown).   Bitterness: 22 IBUs

When the Huskers are playing in UNL’s Memorial Stadium, the crowd in the stands is large enough to be called “Nebraska’s third largest city.” With an unpretentious nod to all things red and the deeply rooted custom of tailgating before the game… Tailgate Red, a quaffable, refreshing beer, gently hopped, with a light caramel malt note and a toasty finish – it’s sure to be a winner!

Schoolmaster  -  Session Hoppy Ale  

Strength: 4.9% abv.   Color: 11ºL (amber).   Bitterness: 43 IBUs

Tons of late addition hops including Simcoe and Chinook. Easy drinking, moderately bitter, with a huge pine forest aroma and flavor. "Get learn-ed" by the Schoolmaster!

Percheron  -  American IPA   

Strength: 7.2% abv.   Color: 14ºL (dark amber).   Bitterness: 68 IBUs

The Percheron is a massive, sturdy workhorse that gets the job done. And our IPA is much the same – with a solid malt backbone of premium pale malts, a kiss of caramel malt, and a prodigious hop character with an artful blend of resinous, piney, and citrusy hops. If you’re a “hop head,” Percheron is hands above the rest.

Dark Ales


Smithy  -  American Export Stout (sometimes served on nitro)

Strength: 6.8% abv.   Color: 40ºL (black).   Bitterness: 37 IBUs

No beer style has as many variations as the stouts. And ours is nothing less than an enigma. Smithy is forged like an oatmeal stout, brewed to the strength of a foreign export stout, hopped like an American stout, not overly burnt like a dry stout, but more on the chocolate and coffee side like a cream stout. So what it is? It is a masterful alloy of nutty pale malts, imported dark malts, flaked oats, and earthy and resinous hops. When it all gets too complicated, just ask for a Smithy.

St. Monica's - Irish-Styled Dry Stout (served on nitro)

Strength: 4.8% abv.  Color: 40ºL (black).  Bitterness: 35 IBUs

Deep, rich, malty with a silky body. This nitro tap leaves a smile on your face and a nice lace in your glass. We have a created an Irish-styled stout that has process and flavor components of two classic examples: the slightly tart and burnt tasting Guinness and the sweeter, more coffee and cocoa flavored Beamish. Slainté.

Soddie  -  Rye Robust Porter

Strength: 6.1% abv.  Color: 28ºL (very dark brown).  Bitterness: 40 IBUs

Soddie is an American-style porter brewed with a substantial addition of Rye malt to lend extra spice and bread character. It's the perfect beer to sip as the leaves turn color and the days grow shorter.

Belgian-Styled Seasonals


Weathervane  -  Belgian-styled Witbier    
Strength: 4.5% abv.   Color: 3ºL (hazy straw).   Bitterness: 13 IBUs
Weathervane distinguishes itself from the big named wheat beers by pointing in the direction of a more traditional recipe (40 percent raw wheat) and a nearly forgotten brewing technique called “turbid mash decoction.” Fancy stuff for the beer nerds, but fully satisfying for beer drinkers of all sorts. True to the classic examples, ours is lightly spiced with a secret blend of East Indian spices and fermented with a characterful Belgian yeast strain. Served naturally cloudy in a tall wheat beer glass, lemon slice on request, and topped with a luxurious white lacy head. 

Weathervane  -  Witbier or Bière Blanche

Strength: 4.5% abv.  Color: 3ºL (straw).  Bitterness: 13 IBUs
Weathervane distinguished itself from the big named wheat beers by pointing in the direction of a more traditional recipe (40 percent raw wheat) and a nearly forgotten brewing technique called "turbid mash decoction." Fancy stuff for beer nerds, but fully satisfying for beer drinkers of all sorts. true to classic examples, ours is lightly spiced with a secret blend of East Indian spices and fermented with a characterful Belgian ale yeast.

The Devil's Rope  -  Monastic-styled Tripel

Strength: 7.8% abv.   Color: 5ºL (deep gold).   Bitterness: 28 IBUs

Our blond and chest-warming tripel is brewed of imported pilsner malt, a touch of wheat and oats, and clear rock candy sugar. Our homage to the vaunted Westmalle Tripel, it is brewed before the Holidays and matured in the brewery’s cellar until February. This tipple reminds us that soon enough we’ll be past the season of the Pitchfork and onto lush spring forage.


First Blush  -  Tart Cherry Witbier

Strength: 6.0% abv.   Color: 8ºL (pink).   Bitterness: 13 IBUs

In this seasonal spin on our witbier, we add over 700 pounds of tart Montmorency cherries per batch. The cherries are sourced from nearby Kimmel Orchards in Nebraska City. This insane addition of fruit gives First Blush a rosy hue, flavor, and a refreshingly tart zing. Introduced each year in time for Mother’s Day and the Farmer’s Market opening, it just might last until the new crop of cherries ripens in late June.

Orville  -  Belgian Amber Ale with Brettanomyces

Strength: 7.6% abv.  Color: 13ºL (orange).  Bitterness: 33 IBUs

Orville begins as a simple amber ale fermented with an abbey ale yeast, undergoes a second fermentation with Brettanomyces yeast (aka “Brett”), and is dry-hopped with Czech hops. It is a dry, tart, complex brew: woodsy, peachy, marshmallows, tea-like tannins, delicately sour with high carbonation.


Au Pair  -  Belgian-styled Saison

Strength: 6.3% abv.   Color: 8ºL (orange-gold).   Bitterness: 34 IBUs

Au Pair gets its name from the French term for a foreign exchange student that often helps with chores. Since we use a combination of yeasts of French-speaking Belgium and the Pas de Calais region of France, Au Pair seems only appropriate. Farmhouse ales were brewed during the cooler months, then supplied to farm workers during the summer and fall farming season. With the same tradition in mind, we brew a dry, hoppy thirst quencher underlying a rocky white head.

Craft Lagers

Kickatus  -  Munich Golden Lager ("Helles")

Strength: 4.8% abv.  Color: 4ºL (gold).  Bitterness: 20 IBUs

Our unashamed clone of one of the world's greatest lagers: Augustiner Hell, from Munich, Germany. This slightly sweet and bready lager begins with imported German malts, hops, and yeast from the Augustiner brewery. Our minerally brewing water, so similar to that of Munich, results in the telltale crisp finish. 

Pivo Bublina  -  Maibock or Helles Bock (Pale Strong Lager)

Strength: 7.2% abv.  Color: 6ºL (dark gold).  Bitterness: 30 IBUs

Pivo Bublina means “beer bubble” in Czech. "Why name a German maibock (a strong lager for the month of May) with a Czech name," you ask? We say, “Why not? Besides, we’re releasing our Maibock in April not in May!” So confusing! What isn’t confusing is the lovely pils malt character, overtones of honeycomb and orange marmalade, and an assertive finish from our characteristically hard water. This beer was awarded the World Beer Cup Silver Medal in 2016.

Robber’s Pils  -  Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

Strength: 5.6% abv.  Color: 5ºL (deep gold).  Bitterness: 28 IBUs

An uncommon and delightful classic American-styled pilsner like what our great grandfathers would have enjoyed. Brewed with domestic 6-row barley, corn grits, and imported, Strisselspalt and Tettnanger hops. This recipe satisfies those favoring modern Czech pilsners and anyone looking for a smooth, refreshingly bitter pale lager. The name remembers “Robber’s Cave,” a cave excavated in Lincoln (1878-1881) for the cool storage of beers – beers which were quite likely comparable to Robber’s Pils.

Bryan's Bowler  -  Schwarzbier (Bavarian Black Lager)

Strength: 4.9% abv.  Color: 32ºL (black).  Bitterness: 28 IBUs

This beer is a deep, dark black much like an old bowler hat. It is named after William Jennings Bryan, former Nebraska statesman and, egads, a prohibitionist to boot. Well we hope ol' Billy Boy is spinning in his grave right now because otherwise, you wouldn't be drinking this beer!! 

Wohlleben  ("The Good Life")  -  Märzen / Oktoberfest Lager

Strength: 5.3% abv.  Color: 11ºL (amber).  Bitterness: 28 IBUs

Bright, golden amber, bready and toasty, this beer packs all of the flavors that you love about celebrating Oktoberfest.

Coal Train  -  Baltic Porter (lager)

Strength: 8.8% abv.   Color: 35ºL (near black).   Bitterness: 26 IBUs

Like the long coal trains of Nebraska, this brew takes a long while to put together and a long time to enjoy. The double sense of the name (Coltrane) reminds us of the jazz artist’s four-disk collaboration with Miles Davis in 1956, the titles of which describe the decoction method used in brewing this elegant beer: “Cookin’, Relaxin’, Workin’, Steamin’.” Coal Train is a beer to be savored – like fine jazz.


Ploughshare Boiler Room® Special Releases


PBC brewers will undertake special brewing projects from the outset. These bottlings may be “warm room bottle conditioned,” that is, carbonated by live yeast and fresh fermentables in the bottle, then allowed to rest in the warm boiler room beneath the brewery… hence the name.  Brewer Brendan gets his game on for these unusual, sometimes unpredictable beauties.