We offer a rotating seasonal menu of light fare to help you enjoy your beer-tasting experience. We endeavor to source our ingredients from regional, independent producers and farmers. Everything is made in house, from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients. 

Ploughshare Brewing Company's taproom operates on a traditional British pub system: Come in, order a beer at the bar, grab a menu, then grab a seat wherever you like.  Saddle up to the bar, grab a window seat to enjoy the natural light, relax in a comfy booth, or head upstairs for a ringside seat to watch the action below - it's your choice!  Want to order a snack?  Head to the bar; we'll take your order, give you a number, then find you with your food when's it's ready. Thirsty again?  Visit us at the bar for a quick replenishment of delicious Ploughshare brew.  Want to start a tab?  No problem - we'll get you started, just visit us again on your way out.

Seasonal Menu ~ Stop By to See What's New!